Thermal Management Solutions

panasonic thermal management solutions

Thermal Management has long been a battle waged by Design Engineers. As design standards continue to increase, the common methods of heat transfer are failing to address today’s thermal issues. Panasonic is a proud global Thermal Management supplier with a diversified portfolio that can challenge the thermal concerns of today and tomorrow. Learn More: New Chalk Talk Video featuring Panasonic Thermal Management Solutions!

Thermal Management Product Lineup

Panasonic’s Thermal Management products include a wide range of options such as the staple Pyrolytic Graphite Sheets (PGS) thermal interface material and the more recently introduced solutions such as Semi-Sealing Material (SSM), Graphite-PAD, NASBIS Insulator Sheets and Soft PGS.


"NASBIS" stands for Nano Silica Balloon Insulator Sheet, it's a thin, flexible Nano-Silica heat insulating material composed of silica aerogel and a polyester fiber that has high thermal isolative properties. The thermal conductivity of NASBIS is comparable to that of air, making it a very attractive material for heat insulation. NASBIS Sheets protect thermally weak products from heat and works to maintain a uniform temperature throughout a device. 

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Graphite-PAD is a silicone resin based pad composed of graphite flakes oriented in the vertical Z-axis thickness direction. With the ability to exhibit high compressibility, the Graphite-PAD product can serve as a Thermal Interface Material between a heat sink and an Integrated Circuit

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PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet) is a thermal interface material which is very thin, synthetically made, has high thermal conductivity, and is made from a highly oriented graphite polymer film.  Ideal for providing thermal management/heat-sinking in limited spaces or to provide supplemental heat-sinking in addition to conventional means.  This material is flexible and can be cut into customizable shapes.

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Semi-Sealing Material (SSM) is a non-silicone based thermoplastic resin that can conform to any rough/uneven surface with the right temperature and applied pressure conditions to absorb heat. Combined with the pyrolytic graphite sheet, this material allows PGS to be used in areas where compressibility is needed to prevent high thermal contact resistance.

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 Soft PGS

“Soft PGS” is an ideal Thermal Interface Material (TIM) solution. Soft PGS is designed with high compressibility characteristics to reduce contact thermal resistance between rough surfaces in extremely thin spaces. Custom cut to IGBT Module footprints, Soft PGS contributes to long life and increased performance of power modules by providing high thermostability and reliability in thermally sensitive areas. Soft PGS is easy to install with a one-to-two-step process that requires much lower labor and installation costs than thermal grease.

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Thermal Management Application Examples

thermal management applications utilizing Panasonic industrial devices

Optical Transceivers

Thermal Management Solution: Graphite-PAD, SSM

Conducts heat from the top of the SFP Module case and transfers it to the Gateway Housing.


Thermal Management Solution: NASBIS, PGS

A camera in a mobile phone dissipates a lot of heat at 1.2W. The PGS is used to reduce the temperature of the device while the NASBIS prevents heat transfer to the case.  

LCD Panels

Thermal Management Solution: Graphite-PAD, SSM, PGS

PGS acts as a thermal diffuser in absorbing heat from hot spots to create a uniform temperature in the panel, preventing burns to the LCD panels.

Wearable Devices

Thermal Management Solution: PGS, NASBIS

NASBIS prevents heat transfer to the human contact side of the watch. This prevents users from getting exposed to uncomfortably high temperatures.

Medical Equipment

Thermal Management Solution: PGS, NASBIS

In a test module, maintaining test tubes at a constant temperature is critical for some chemical compounds. PGS is applied at the surface of the hot plate’s module to create a uniform temperature.

Planar Heaters

Thermal Management Solution: NASBIS, PGS

NASBIS prevents heat transfer on one side to increase the effectiveness of the planar heater.

Commercial Drones

Thermal Management Solution: PGS

PGS is adhered to the body of the drone to replace the need for heat sinks as they are too heavy for an unmanned aerial vehicle. PGS can also be used to reduce the temperature of the battery packs.

Radio Devices/Cameras

Thermal Management Solution: PGS, Graphite-PAD, NASBIS

Use a thermal solution like PGS or the Graphite-PAD to transfer heat from a processor to the camera/radio housing. In a camera this can be critical in creating a high quality image.