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Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

EEH-ZV Series (SMD, High Temp. Reflow) Hybrid Capacitors

Featuring High Ripple Current and Low ESR with High Endurance Rating with Double Specification Ratings of 125°C and 135°C at 4,000 hours

Panasonic announces the new EEH-ZV Series Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. These capacitors have a higher ripple current- up to 150% higher than the existing EEH-ZT Series- and a lower ESR- up to 39% lower than the EEH-ZT Series.

The EEH-ZV Series Capacitors are characterized by an industry-leading low ESR, which delivers a high current of up to 4.6 mA. It also features durability with double specification ratings of 125°C and 135°C at 4,000 hours. Being AEC-Q200 compliant, these Capacitors ensure that some of the strictest quality control standards, especially for the automotive industry, are enforced.

Panasonic offers vibration-proof variants for parts with a 6mm diameter or greater. These variants can withstand shocks of as much as 30G, whereas standard parts can withstand a maximum of 10G. The EEH-ZV Series suits various industries, including automotive, communication infrastructure, industrial equipment, power supply, etc.

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