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ERJ-PM8 Series Anti-Surge Thick Film Chip Resistors

The Panasonic ERJ-PM8 Series Anti-Surge Thick Film Chip Resistors offer exceptional ESD surge characteristics compared to Standard Metal Film Resistors. These new Resistors help reduce the need for high resistance value resistors as well as offer high precision, high voltage, and high resistance with a limited element voltage of 500 V, a 1% resistance tolerance, a TCR of ±100ppm, and a high resistance value range of 1MΩ~10MΩ.

Panasonic’s ERJ-PM8 Series is suitable for both reflow and flow soldering. Offering high reliability, the ERJ-PM8 Series features a metal glaze, a thick film resistive element with three layers of electrodes. It has a unique inner pattern that improves anti-ESD characteristics, all in a small-size 1206 case size SMD package. Panasonic’s soft-terminal technology is highly resistant to solder joint crack risks.

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ERJ-PM8 Series Anti-Surge Thick Film Chip Resistors

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Eco-friendly, reliable, comfortable, and safe — key goals when designing next-generation automotive, other vehicles, and transportation equipment sub-systems. Panasonic provides industry-leading electronic solutions required to meet the extremely high quality and reliability standards required by Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers designing in the automotive and transportation space. With over 150,000 part numbers to consider, Panasonic is currently supplying electronic components and devices into electrification, chassis & safety, interior, and HMI systems worldwide. Learn more about Panasonic's commitment to providing relevant and strategic contributions to customers' cutting-edge automotive and transportation design requirements.