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New Product Introductions

ERJ-PB3, PB6 Series High Precision, Anti-Surge / Anti-Pulse High Power Thick Film Chip Resistors

For Applications Requiring High Precision With Higher Power!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, introduces the NEW ERJ-PB3 and PB6 Series High Precision Thick Film Chip Resistors. These Series are new product categories for Panasonic in the 0603 and 0805 case sizes. The New ERJ-PB3, PB6 Series Thick Film Resistors achieve the tolerance ±0.1% because of a highly reliability metal glaze. Choose ERJ-PB3 or PB6 Series for applications requiring a high precision Resistor with higher power. AEC-Q200 Compliance and TS 16949 certification for the entire ERJ-PB3 and PB6 Series of Thick Film Resistors from Panasonic ensures optimal quality and reliability.

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