ERT-J Series Multilayer NTC Thermistors

September 18, 2018 New Product Introductions
Circuit Protection Line Extension

Panasonic Introduces New ERT-J Series Surface Mount NTC Thermistors!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Circuit Protection, announces the significant expansion of the ERT-J Series NTC Thermistor product line. The ERT-J Series NTC Thermistors are now available in 0201, 0402 and 0603 case sizes in both standard and AEC-Q200 Compliant versions for automotive applications as well as other strenuous environments which ensures optimal quality and reliability.

Features Benefits
  • Surface Mount Device:
    • 0201,0402 and 0603 Industrial/Commercial
    • 0402 and 0603 Automotive
  • Highly Reliable Multilayer / Monolithic Structure
  • Narrow and Standard Tolerances Available
  • Wide Operating Temperature:
    • -40° to +125°C Industrial/Commercial
    • -40° to +150°C Automotive
  • AEC-Q200 Compliant
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Space Saving
  • High Precision For Critical Designs
  • Automotive Quality



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