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Grid-EYE Narrow Angle Infrared Array Sensor

Panasonic’s Newest Grid-EYE® Narrow Angle Sensor Offers High Precision Based on MEMS Technology!

The latest Grid-EYE® Narrow Angle Infrared Array Sensor part number, AMG883642, offers a new surface mount Grid-EYE Sensor with a 35.6-degree field of view and can focus on closer objects with enough pixels to identify and measure those objects.

The Grid-EYE® Narrow Angle Sensor is 8x8, 64-pixel, and has an operating voltage of 3.3V.  Applications for the Grid-EYE® Narrow Angle Sensor include narrow angle detection, temperature distribution and human detection, people tracking and detection, thermal mapping, and much more.

Features / Benefits

  • Improved Viewing from 60 Degrees to 35.6 Degrees For a More Narrow Coverage Area
  • Same Footprint As Current Grid-EYE Sensor
  • High-Resolution 8x8 for a total of 64 Pixels for Temperature Distribution
  • PCB Mountable Device, SMD Type


  • HVAC
  • Home Appliances
  • Security
  • BEMS
  • Industrial Electronics


  • Temperature Distribution and People Detection
  • Temperature Distribution – Cooking Appliances
  • People Tracking Through Thermal Imaging
  • Smarter Building Management Systems
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