HG-S Series Contact-Type Digital Displacement Sensor

July 05, 2017 New Product Introductions
panasonic hg-s series contact-type digital displacement sensor

Panasonic Introduces The New HG-S Series Contact-Type Digital Displacement Sensor!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Industrial Automation Sensor Products, announces the NEW HG-S Series Contact-Type Digital Displacement Sensor. The New HG-S Series Sensor is extremely robust. It features the optical absolute method in the slim and strong unit body. Developed to meet the needs of the production floor, the HG-S Series is a high-precision, slim Sensor unit featuring a robust Sensor head, while the Controller offers a diversity of functions.

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Features: Benefits:
  • Slim Body Measuring 0.433 × 0.709 × 3.327 Inches (11 × 18 × 84.5 mm) For Easy Installation Even In A Side-By-Side Arrangement
  • Class-Top Robustness In The Industry
  • High Accuracy
  • Resolution Of 0.1 Μm 0.004 Mil And Indication Accuracy Of 1 Μm 0.039 Mil Or Less
  • Absolute Value Scale Reading For Elimination Of “Value Skipping” And “Unset Zero Point”
  • Resistance To Lateral Load
  • Withstands More Than 100 Million Sliding Operations Under Application Of Lateral Load (Reference Value)
  • Resistant To Upward Thrust Impact
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Versatile And Easy-To-Use Controller
  • CE Compliant
Industries Applications
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Coupling Assembly Inspection
  • Installed Height Measurement
  • Dimension Measurement
  • Parts Height Measurement
  • Parts Dimension Measurement
  • Motor Shaft Eccentricity Measurement
  • X-Y Stage Position Measurement
  • Surface Flatness Measurement
  • Resin Roller Eccentricity Measurement


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