LZ-N Series General Power Relays

June 22, 2018 New Product Introductions

Panasonic EN60335-1 GWT Compliant Low Profile Type 15.7mm .618 Inch 1a/1c 16A Power Relay

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, introduces the NEW LZ-N Series General Power Relays product line. The New LZ-N Series Relays are drop-in replacements to the existing LZ Series Relays from Panasonic. The New LZ-N Series is rated for 16A @ 250VAC and is available in both 1FormA and 1FormC contact arrangements. These Relays have flux-resistance construction and features both B and F coil insulation classes for +85 and +105°C ambient operating temperatures respectively. The New LZ-N Series Relays are also Glow-Wire-Compliant which is a major safety requirement necessary in the home appliance industry

Features and Benefits
  • 16A Power Relay In A Small Size
  • Ag-PD Based Inner Electrode
  • Slim And Low Profile Type With Height Of 15.7mm (0.618 Inches)
  • Low Operating Power Of 400mW
  • High Insulation Resistance
  • Superior Insulation Characteristics Have Been Achieved By Maintaining An Insulation Distance Between Coil And Contacts Of At Least 10 Mm For Both Creepage Distance And Clearances. Furthermore, Anti-Surge Voltage Is 10 Kv And Higher. (Supports European Reinforced Insulation Requirement.)
  • Super Heat Resistance
  • Can Be Used In Ambient Temperatures Up To 85°C (185°F).
  • For The Class B Coil Insulation Type And 105°C (221°F).
  • For The Class F Coil Insulation Type
  • Glow-Wire-Compliant Relay
  • EN60335-1 GWT Compliant To Meet Home Appliance Application Safety Standards
  • RoHS / REACH Compliant



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