NEW Y5BH Series FPC Connectors

September 19, 2018 New Product Introductions
FPC Connectors New Product Introduction

0.5mm Pitch FPC/FFC Connector with Differential Impedance Matching

New Product Introduction - Y5BH Series of FPC Connectors

Panasonic, a world leader in Connector Products, is pleased to announce the NEW Y5BH Series FPC Connectors! The NEW Y5BH Series Connectors are impedance matching Connectors that can accept both FPC and FFC with a 0.5mm pitch. The differential impedance matching is compatible with both 85 Ohms and 90 Ohms for various transmission standards such as the USB 3.1 Gen. 2 high-speed transmission standard (Transmission speed: up to 10 Gbps). With top and bottom contact construction and no pin assignments, the NEW Y5BH Series FPC/FFC Connectors contribute to optimal design freedom. Insertion displacement is prevented by surrounding the four sides on the FPC insertion entrance with a wall molding construction.

  • FPC/FFC Connector For High Speed Transmission
    • 85 And 90 Ohm Impedance Matching That Offers Excellent High-Speed Differential Transmission Characteristics And Supports All High-Speed Transmission Standards Up To 10 Gbps
  • Top And Bottom Contact Construction And No Pin Assignments
    • Contributes To Optimal Design Freedom By Allowing The User To Use Any Pin And Both Sides Of The FPC For Connection
  • FPC Insertion Displacement Prevention
    • Constructed To Make Positional Displacement Difficult By Surrounding The Four Sides On The FPC Inlet Side With Wall Molding
  • Suitable For Both FFC And FPC With 0.5mm Pitch
    • High Versatility By Allowing The Customer To Use Either FFC Or FPC. This Contributes To Cost Savings By Using Impedance Matching FFC
  • Differential Impedance Matching
  • Back Lock Structure
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant



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