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Panasonic Industrial Now Offers Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells For A Wide Variety Of Alternative Power Source Applications

Panasonic Industrial is proud to introduce a new product line of Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells. As an industry-leading Battery and electronic component manufacturing company, Panasonic is continuously working to offer improved and new technologies to the world. Recent efforts have focused on expanding alternative power sources and to recent developments in Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells.

Panasonic is proud to offer Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells capable of powering a variety of both indoor and outdoor devices such as meters, GPS trackers, faucets, IoT devices and much more.

Panasonic Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells are available in traditional glass and also advanced stainless steel and film substrates. These advanced substrates provide solar cells that are lighter weight, stronger and provide designers with greater flexibility for demanding applications.

Specific Panasonic Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell product features include:

  • Thin, Lightweight, Scalable
  • Variable Customization and Shapes
  • Less Sensitivity To High Temperatures Than Crystalline Solar Cells

“Panasonic Industrial Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells are designed to the specific wavelength spectrums of indoor and outdoor light, maximizing the power to devices even in low light, indoor situations,” says Tony Hehn, Group Manager Energy Sales Group. “For more information, please visit the Panasonic Industrial website. We encourage anyone interested in Solar Cells to call us for design in support or to discuss product customization requirements”.

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