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PAN1783 Bluetooth® 5.3 Low Energy Module

Panasonic's Newest Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy RF Module

The PAN1783, a cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy Module that leverages the power of the Nordic nRF5340 single chip controller to deliver advanced wireless capabilities, including isochronous channels and LE audio. This module comes equipped with either an on-board chip antenna or an RF-bottom pad, and its dual Cortex®-M33 processors enable it to operate in standalone mode, eliminating the need for an external processor. Ideal for a wide array of applications from advanced computer peripherals to wearables and wireless audio devices, the PAN1783 sets a new standard in performance with its high-throughput, long-range capabilities, and AoA/AoD direction finding, all while maintaining ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life.


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