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Panasonic Electronic Materials Presents Two Technical Papers at ECTC

The Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) is the premier international event that brings together the best in packaging, components and microelectronic systems science, technology and education in an environment of cooperation and technical exchange. This year's event has been converted to an online format, with all presentations available, free of charge, during the month of June.

Panasonic will be presenting during two sessions in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Session 2: Fabrication and Reliability Demonstration of 5 µm Redistribution Layer Using Low-Stress Dielectric Dry Film

Panasonic has developed a novel low-stress dielectric film (PLSF) for semiconductor packaging. This new polymer film significantly improves package-level warpage performance, enabling the fabrication of large Multi-Chip Modules (MCM).

This presentation demonstrates the fabrication of a 5 μm lines and spaces (5/5 L/S) redistribution layer (RDL) as well as 7 μm microvias using the Panasonic film. It will also present warpage and residual stress data of the PLSF at various stages of fabrication along with preliminary results of a thermal cycling test.

Session 9: Design and Demonstration of Single and Coupled Embedded Toroidal Inductors for 48V to 1V Integrated Voltage Regulators

Panasonic has developed a high permeability magnetic material for high-density embedded inductors for Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs). This presentation demonstrates novel embedded toroidal inductors, fabricated using Panasonic's magnetic material, along with process feasibility and measurements.

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