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Panasonic Exhibits March 9 at Techblick Event

Panasonic exhibits at the largest online gathering of the printed, hybrid, inmold, and 3D electronics community.

Andy Behr, Technology Manager with Panasonic's Electronic Materials Division, will showcase recent product developments for flexible printed electronics. This includes BEYOLEX™ Thermosetting Stretchable Film.


Panasonic Lounge Exhibition at TechBlick

Come and see us on March 9


Largest Online Gathering of the Printed, Hybrid, InMold, and 3D Electronics Community

World-class LIVE (online) conference and exhibition on Printed | Flexible | Additive | Hybrid | 3D | Structural | R2R | InMold | Textile | Stretchable | Conformal | Wearable Electronics

9 March | 4.20pm - 7.30pm CET


Join us for TechBlick's engaging and buzzing ‘in-person virtual’ LIVE event, which makes virtual interaction real and brings together leading OEMs, manufacturers, material suppliers, and innovators.

You can meet and hear a hand-picked selection of end-user and technology presentations, and network with all the key players in the field virtually from the comfort of your own location. Visit and network with 40+ exhibitors live!

The Free-To-Attend session includes talks from the following exhibitors & global end-users:

4:36pm VTT | Taking the accuracy of printed electronics beyond 1µm
4:41pm Kodak | High-speed ultrafine R2R printing for perovskite solar applications
4:46pm Asada Mesh | Pushing the performance limit of screen printing to sub-30um range
4:51pm Holst | Boosting the resolution and speed of the LIFT process
4:56pm Coatema | Integrated turnkey R2R line with digital and analog printing
5:01pm Copprint | Solderable conductive copper paste
5.06pm Live Exhibition In The Lounge
5:26pm NeoTech | Scaling up 3D printed electronics
5:31pm E2ip | InMold Electronics: development of commercial applications
5:36pm Applied Materials | MicroLEDs: printing fine interconnects and wrap-around electrodes
5:41pm XTPL | Ultraprecise printed viscous silver inks for semiconductor packaging applications
5:46pm Brewer Science | Bringing printed electronics to waste water management
5.51pm Live Exhibition In The Lounge
6:11pm Agfa | Pushing the performance of silver nanoparticle inks for higher conductivity and lower curing temperature
6:16pm Panasonic | A novel stretchable substrate with excellent forming and thermal properties
6:21pm IDS | Leveraging aerosol to print finelines over 3D surfaces
6:26pm SafiTech | Bringing performance of SAC solder to low temperature substrates
6.31pm Live Exhibition In The Lounge
7:04pm Schreiner-Medipharm | Industrialization Of Smart Packages For Medication Adherence
7:22pm STABILO International | Smart Pens: The Role of Printed Hybrid Electronics
  Networking Break - Meet The Speakers & Drink Reception in the 'In-Person Virtual LOUNGE'


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on 9 March | 4.20pm - 7.30pm CET

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