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Panasonic Offering Primary Lithium Manganese Dioxide Cylindrical Cell Battery With High Capacity

Panasonic is happy to announce the development of the CR-AGZ Cylindrical Type Lithium Battery that offers two important features in conjunction with each other: superior long-term reliability and high capacity.

Panasonic, one of the world’s leading Battery manufacturing companies, is proud to offer the CR-AGZ Series Battery as a high safety and high capacity cell.  CR-AGZ utilizes Manganese-based cathode material to deliver better temperature tolerance so that it may operate in harsh environments.

Some sample applications include gas/water meter, fire alarms, security sensors, and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), among others.

“This Cylindrical Cell offers more than 10% higher capacities compared to conventional CR A size Batteries,” says Seiichi Aoki, Panasonic Engineer for Industrial Batteries. “We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality battery technologies.”

Panasonic is a leading supplier of Batteries offering advanced Cell manufacturing and product technologies, superior quality and one of the broadest lines of Primary and Rechargeable Batteries in the industry. Panasonic’s product line includes Lithium-Ion, Lithium Coin, Lithium Primary Cylindrical, Nickel Metal Hydride, Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Alkaline Batteries.

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