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Panasonic Offers Nickel Metal Hydride Custom Battery Packs

Finished NiMH Battery Packs Suitable For High And Low Temperature Applications Requiring Long Life!

Panasonic has developed Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Cells and finished Battery Packs that offer two important features in conjunction with each other ... good performance at low temperatures and long life at high temperatures.

As one of the world's leading Battery manufacturing companies, Panasonic offers a full product line of NiMH Cells with wide temperature ranges.  These Cells provide new electrode development which allows for a wide temperature range and long life.  They are easy to transport and come with no air restrictions, regulations or manufacturing safety requirements.  Panasonic NiMH Cells are widely available and offer stable and compatible sizes.  

Specific features of Panasonic NiMH cells include high discharge rate, long life span and a wide operating temperature of -30oC to 85oC.

"Panasonic now offers AA and AA Nickel Metal Hydride Packs suitable for a wide variety of high and low temperature applications requiring long life," says Dennis Malec, Panasonic Senior Applications Engineer.  "Applications include but are not limited to automotive E-Call or T-Box, telematics, solar backups, e-latch and logistic/cargo trucking."


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