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Printed and Flexible Hybrid Materials

Panasonic Presents June 24 at Techblick Event

At the event covering printed, hybrid, 3D, inmold, and textile electronics, Panasonic's Electronic Materials Division will discuss the projects made with high-temperature-tolerant stretchable substrate. This is a chance to see how Panasonic's new BEYOLEX™ Thermosetting Stretchable Film can be used. 

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Panasonic is exhibiting at the

Innovations Festival:
Printed, Hybrid, 3D, InMold, Textile Electronics

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24 June | 2.00pm - 7.00pm CET


This must-attend Innovations Festival showcases exciting and cutting-edge advances from across the world. In a unique format, speakers will present their latest advances and innovations in compact technology-focused 5-min talks. Participants can then visit the speakers in their virtual speaker corner or at their virtual booth.

This is a truly unique gathering in our special 'in-person virtual' platform making virtual interaction real and enabling spontaneous discussions, serendipitous meetings, and excellent networking.

Topics Covered: R2R Nanolithography | Nano-Scale Wafer Printing | Smart Skin Patches | 3D Touch Surfaces | Quantum Dots | Stretchable Liquid Metal Inks | Jet Metallization | Laser Induced Forward Transfer | Fuel Cells | Printed Batteries | Organic Photovoltaics | R2R PCB Production | Hybrid Circuits | 3D Electronics | InMold Electronics | Smart Surfaces | Ultra Fine Line Printing | Novel Interconnect Technology | E-Textiles | Printed Displays | Printed Sensors | Printed Sensors | Innovative Paste Technologies | Smart Packaging | Additively Manufactured Electronics | OTFTs | Perovskites


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Speakers & Exhibitors include:

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Full Agenda

Content will also be available on-demand after the event.

CET Central European Times (CET).
2:00pm Komori Corp | Micro bumps by gravure offset printing method
02:05pm Zinergy UK | Printded Batteries: Towards R2R Scale-up
02:10pm DP Patterning | R2R FPCB production technology.
02:15pm INM-Leibniz Institut | Flexible transparent conductive coatings by electrospinning
02:20pm Fraunhofer IZM | E-Textiles: Adhesive Bonding for electronics integration in textiles
02:25pm University of Coimbra | Stretchable Microchip-Integrated Electronics Based on Liquid Metal
02:30pm Fujikura Kasei | Creating Fully Stretchable Medical Devices with Silicone-based AgCl Inks
02.35pm Networking Break - Meet The Speakers
03:00pm Fraunhofer IAP | Ultra precise EHD-Jet printing of quantum dots.
03:05pm DoMicro | Perspectives For Electro-Hydro-Dynamic Printing On Nanoscale
03:10pm Coatema | The pathway to digital fabrication of printed electronic products
03:15pm Keiron Printing Technologies | Digitally Printing Highly Viscous Contents with Laser-Induced Forward Transfer
03:20pm Nano-Ops | The Future of Printed Electronics is Here; Print Electronic Components and ICs Using a Single Platform
3.25pm Networking Break - Meet The Speakers
03:45pm Joanneum Research | R2R-NIL for realizing highly innovative use cases – from bionics to medical diagnostics
03:50pm Meta Materials | Multifunctional metasurfaces for everyday printed electronic functional films
03:55pm Pulse Forge | Use of Photonic Soldering to Enable High Quality Connections on Temperature Sensitive Substrates
04:00pm DuPont Teijin Films UK Ltd | Polyester film solutions from DTF meeting changing needs in flexible electronic markets.
04:05pm Ynvisible | Established and new applications of printed e-paper displays
04:10pm InnovationLab GmbH | Current R&D at InnovationLab
04.15pm Networking Break - Meet The Speakers
04:35pm Henkel | Pad-printing Silver Inks – Example of 5G Antenna Applications
04:40pm Danish Technological Institute | Your copper nanoparticle production scale up
04:45pm CondAlign | Adhesive ACF for efficient room temperature bonding in FHE
04:50pm Brilliant Matters | Recent advancements in organic photovoltaics
04:55pm DuPont MicroCircuits | Demonstration of high frequency 5G modules using LTCC
05.00pm Networking Break - Meet The Speakers
05:20pm Quad Industries | Wearable skin patches as a key enabler for digital health
05:25pm Seristampa | Evolution of touch surfaces – Haptic feedback
05:30pm Kimoto | Next-generation 3D Formable Substrates
05:35pm Panacol | InMold Electronics
05:40pm Panasonic | Soft, Stretchable and Functional: Printed Hybrid Electronic Demonstrators made with High-Temperature Tolerant Stretchable Substrate
05:45pm LiquidWire | Using stretchable Metal Gel strain sensors to digitize 3D body motion and flex
05:50pm ACI Materials | Stretchable Electronic Materials that Meet the Demands
05.55pm Networking Break - Meet The Speakers
06:10pm Fraunhofer ILT | Laser processing of printed electronic layers
06:15pm Sun Chemicals | Critical to Performance Metrics of Functional Materials for IME
06:20pm Kent Displays | VersaNote: A Roll-to-Part, Flexible Electronic Device
06:25pm The University of Texas at El Paso | Additive Manufacturing of Elastomer, Ceramic and Metal Multi-functional Structures
06:30pm Boeing | Why Boeing is interested in printed electronics and what value it has to Boeing.
06:35pm SmartKem | TBC
06:40pm IDS | High Output Rate Aerosol Printing for High Conductivity Printed Electronics
06.45pm Networking Break - Meet The Speakers - Day ends

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