Panasonic Presents The Latest Power Technologies At APEC 2017!

February 02, 2017 Trade Show

Visit Panasonic in Booth 201 at the APEC 2017 Exhibition March 27 - 29, 2017 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida.

APEC 2017

As the premier event in Applied Power Electronics™, APEC 2017 has something of interest for everyone involved in power electronics. Panasonic offers advanced Power Management Solutions and highly efficient, miniaturized components for various industrial and automotive applications including Proof of Concept Solutions. Panasonic will be exhibiting the ‘Wide Band Gap’ Power Semiconductor: Gallium Nitride Transistor, known as GaN GIT (Gate Injection), as well as the proprietary Silicon Carbide Diode MOSFET with Integrated Diode (SiC-DioMos) Technology. The Panasonic GaN GIT is a “current-collapse-free” Transistor with switching up to 600V (Normally Off).

Panasonic products on display at APEC 2017 will also include:

  • GaN Power Devices & Proof of Concept Solutions (Evaluation Board, Application Example)
  • SiC Power Devices & Proof of Concept Solutions (SiC Bi-Directional Converter For Storage Battery Systems)
  • Electronic Components Solutions (Energy Polymer Capacitors / Thermal Management Soft PGS / Low ESR And Long Life Polymer Capacitors / Power Choke Coils / Current Sense Resistors / Relays / Voltage Stabilizer / Back Up Power Supply Units)

During the Exhibitor’s Seminar (15:00-15:30, in Room 14 on Tuesday, March 28) Mr. Tom Higuchi, GaN Marketing Manager, will present: “X-GaN™ Reliability and Robust Design”.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to meet with the team to go over product development needs or to see the debut of the latest Semiconductor and Power Electronic Solutions available from Panasonic.

If interested, please contact a local Panasonic Representative.