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PhotoMOS® Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver High Power Type

PhotoMOS® Photovoltaic MOSFET High Power Drivers For High-Speed Operation And Low On-Resistance

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, introduces the NEW Photovoltaic MOSFET High Power Type PhotoMOS Relays product line.

The New Photovoltaic MOSFET High Power Driver is available in a small package size (SSOP) with higher short circuit current and drop-out voltage to MOSFET’s gate. Capable of driving high Vgs MOSFET such as SiC MOSFETs this Driver is capable of high switching capacities at high switching speeds.

PhotoMOS Relays can sometimes be used in applications where traditional Electromechanical Relays are already being used. Replacing a standard Electromechanical Relay with PhotoMOS can provide additional benefits such as longer life cycle, better resistance to shock and vibration, low On-resistance and a theoretically infinite life cycle. This makes PhotoMOS Relays a very good solution for Battery Monitoring Systems, Test & Measurement, Electrical Power and Industrial markets. Some common applications for Panasonic PhotoMOS Relays would be in the measurement market, security equipment, fire prevention systems and industrial machines.

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