Solid State Relays - PhotoMOS CC Series

June 29, 2016 New Product Introductions
PhotoMOS CC Relays

Capacitive-Coupled Isolation for High-Temp and Small-Size

Panasonic, is pleased to introduce the next generation of sub-miniature solid-state relay technology. The PhotoMOS CC Series, is a revolution in size and performance. The internal switching mechanism contains an oscillation circuit as well as a built-in Capacitor-Coupled Isolation driver IC. This differs from traditional PhotoMOS products which use an optical coupled isolation.

By replacing the LED circuit, the package size can be substantially decreased, while also lowering power consumption. For high-density mounting applications, the TSON package of the PhotoMOS CC Series requires 46% less board space than SON package types. The temperature performance also increases with guaranteed performance up to 105C, for industrial applications. This robust performance is enhanced with a fast switching speed, which is afforded by a voltage driven input circuit. LED based models use a current driven method, which inherently has a slower response.

Features: Benefits:
  • Sub-Miniature TSON Package (0.8 x 1.95 x 1.8 mm)
  • Low-Current Consumption of 0.2A Max
  • High-Temp Performance, Guaranteed up to 105C
  • Voltage Driven Input Circuit
  • Saves Space and Facilitated High-Density Mounting
  • Energy Savings
  • Robust Performance in Industrial Applications
  • Faster Switching Speeds
Industries: Applications:
  • Test & Measurement
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Security
  • IC Tester, Probe Card, Board Tester
  • Network Switches, Modems, Multiplexers
  • Electric and Gas Meters
  • Cameras, Fire Alarms, Smoke/Heat Detectors


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