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SVPE/SXE/SXV Series OS-CON™ Capacitors

Panasonic’s Newest Low ESR OS-CON™ Capacitors

Panasonic expands the SVPE, SXE, and SXV Series OS-CON™ Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors industry-leading product line. The new options provided within the OS-CON SVPE, SXE, and SXV Series are ideal for environments requiring up to 2,000 hours of high endurance.

The new SVPE Series surface mount parts offer low ESR, high ripple current, and large capacitance with better endurance performance, enabling use in high-reliability applications in a small and low profile. The new SXE Series part radial lead type and new SXV Series part surface mount type both withstand high voltage and large capacity, with low ESR, high ripple current, and small size with better endurance performance.

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