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Webinar: How do material properties affect PCB design and manufacturing?

Presenters from Panasonic's EMBD division explain the electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties inherent in PCB materials.

Material product charts enable engineers to determine the best solution for specific applications. Understanding the significance of properties such as Tg and modulus is key to those decisions.

This free PCEA member webinar explains:

  1. Tg
  2. CTE
  3. Z-axis expansion
  4. Modulus: Young’s modulus, elastic, flexural, sheer
  5. Elongation
  6. Tensile strength
  7. Dielectric strength
  8. Peel strength

What do these properties mean? How do test methods work? Why do they matter? What should you look for?

Presenters include Tony Senese, Group Manager at Panasonic EMBD division, with more than 40 years of experience in process engineering and PCB laminates; and Eriko Yamato, OEM Business Development Manager at Panasonic, with over 15 years experience in business development and marketing of computer hardware/software, EMC/RF/wireless test products, copper foil, laminates, and electronic components.

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