Specifications table for model EEHZS1H151V
ItemPerformance characteristics
Body TypeSurface mount type (vertical mount style)
Polarity Type Polar
Rated Voltage (V)50
Capacitance (µF)150
Capacitance Tolerance (%)-20 to 20
Tangent Of Loss Angle (Max.)0.1
Leakage Current (Max.) (μA)75
Operating Temperature Range (°C)-55 to 135
Body Diameter (mm)10
Body Length (mm)12.8
Rated Ripple Current (Freq.) (Hz)100000
Rated Ripple Current (mA)3200
Rated Ripple Current (Unit)mArms at 125 ℃
E.S.R.-1 (Frequency) (Hz)100000
E.S.R.-1 (Max. Value) (mΩ)17
Rated ripple current-2(freq.) (Hz)100000
Endurance (h)4000
Rated ripple current-2 (mA)2250
Forming & Packaging FeatureEmbossed carrier taping (reel packing)
Rated ripple current-2(unit)mArms at 135 ℃
AppearanceSheathless (metal case)
Minimum Packaging Quantity (piece)400
Weight (Typ.) (g)1.87

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