High Frequency 5G Connectors

Panasonic's High Frequency 5G Connectors offer good SI/EMI/EMS characteristics for high-frequency applications and feature our industry-leading Tough Contact construction that achieves high contact reliability and retention force. Tough against shock impact by misalignment, the fully-shielded structure in both socket and header significantly improves EMI characteristics necessary for RF applications such as 5G.

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Product Overview


  • Terminal Pitch: 0.35mm
  • Mated Height: 0.6mm
  • Frequency: ~15GHz
  • Number of Pins: 10

Part Numbers

  • Socket (10 Pins): AXG3A1012
  • Header (10 Pins): AXG4A1012


  1. Good SI/EMI/EMS characteristics with high-frequency application
  2. Tough Contact structure achieves high contact reliability and high retention force
  3. With Fully-shielded structure, tough against shock impact by misalignment motion or dropping
5G Connectors - Product Overview

1. Good SI/EMI/EMS Characteristics with High Frequency Applications

Fully-Shielded Structure

Figure 1 - 5G Connectors

Transmission Characteristics & Pin Layout

E-Field Strength

Figure 3 - 5G Connectors

2. TOUGH CONTACT Structure Achieves High Contact Reliability & Retention Force

Figure 4 - 5G Connectors

  • High Removal Force with Lock Structure

  • High-Reliability TOUGH CONTACT with "Clip Contact"

3. Fully-Shielded Structure: Tough Against Shock Impact by Misalignment or Dropping

Figure 5 - 5G Connectors

 The Molded Metal Shield Prevents the Flange Part Breakage


Connection Between Millimeter-wave Module (Main Board)

Smart Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Router

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