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5G Advanced – the Real 5G


3rd Generation Partnership Project - The Mobile Broadband Standard 5G Release-18

The 5G industry is rapidly evolving, and 3GPP's 5G Release 18 standard is set to revolutionize the space with 5G Advanced. With enhancements to Coverage, Mobility, and Positioning, the evolution of MIMO1, and reduced energy usage, this standard will lay the foundation for the promised 5G end-to-end applications, such as Smart City, Connected Vehicles, XR or Extended Reality, and Industry 4.0. Panasonic Industry is at the forefront of this evolution, enabling the transition to 5G and 5G Advanced hardware with passive and electromechanical board-level components specialized for computing devices from Data Center to Device Edge.

Panasonic's components are particularly suited for hardware such as Power Distribution Units (PDU) and Power Supplies, Switches, Routers, Network Interface Cards, Advanced Antenna Systems (AAS), Baseband units (BBU), Edge computers, Remote Units, down to 5G mm-Wave antennas. 

Illustration of Different Edge Zones

5G Figure 2.1 Edge Zones

Polymer Capacitors for 5G Applications

Panasonic offers different Polymer Capacitor series that support a combination of feature priorities, from low voltage/low-profile height, high voltage/small package, or long life/high voltage, which can be used in networking hardware such as switches and routers. For instance, OSCON™ and POSCAP™ Capacitors are well-suited for the 12V input side of a circuit, with POSCAP™ offering a low profile to support a compact design. At the same time, OSCON™ Polymer Capacitors feature a large current threshold of up to 5.8Amps for a 12 Volt supply. On the output side, SP-Cap™ Capacitors provide ultra-low ESR at 3 milliohms, while POSCAP™ Capacitors can support 5 milliohms with a larger capacitance rating.

High Capacitance & Low ESR Polymer Capacitors for 5G Networking Equipment

Polymer Capacitors for 5G Networking Equipment 1

Recommended Series for 5G Networking Applications

SX Series and GX Series SP-Cap™ Capacitors 

  • Low Voltage
  • Low ESR
  • Low Profile

JX Series and KX Series SP-Cap™ Capacitors 

  • High Reliabilty

TQC Series and TQS Series POSCAP™ Capacitors

  • High Voltage
  • Small Package 

TLE Series POSCAP™ Capacitors

  • High Reliabilty

SVPT Series and SXV Series OS-CON™ Capacitors 

  • Long Life
  • High Voltage 

Polymer Capacitors for Networking Applications 2

Recommended Series by Output/Input

For Output Typ. 10V 

For Input Typ. 12V

Data Center Switch & Router Polymer Capacitor Use Case

Capacitors Switch Board and Polymer Example

Relays for Lower PDU Energy Consumption

In addition to their Capacitors, Panasonic's DW Latching Relays can significantly reduce energy consumption, up to 67%, in data center Power Distribution Units (PDU) and power supplies. This feature helps lower internal heat rise, reducing overall board temperature. Moreover, the Relay's small size enables a densely packed board, sometimes up to 48 Relays per board, supporting a smaller footprint. Relays are also a key component of remote maintenance as they can switch server equipment ON and OFF without personnel to perform manually on-site, such as when power may need to be cycled.

Data Center System

Data Center System

Remote Maintenance Is Needed At Large Data Centers

Keeping data centers cool is extremely expensive, and in turn, Panasonic can offer Relay solutions that save on thermal management costs.

RF Connector Solutions

For 5G millimeter-wave antennas, RF Connectors with Tough Contact construction provide high Signal Integrity (SI) through a built-in shield structure that isolates the rest of the device from the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Electro Magnetic Susceptibility (EMS). This shielded structure and pin configuration support up to 15GHz. The graph below compares EMI characteristics with and without a shielded RF Connector. The Panasonic RF35 Series High Frequency 5G Connectors results as seen in blue in the diagram, achieve EMI well below the threshold standardized by the FCC. The industry-leading Tough Contact construction provides high reliability and retention force to maintain quality connections. 

5G Connector EMI Characteristics for Antenna Module Connection

5G Connectors EMI Characteristics

Panasonic offers RF Connectors specifically designed for 5G millimeter-wave antennas. These connectors feature Tough Contact technology, ensuring high Signal Integrity by isolating the device from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electro Magnetic Susceptibility (EMS). These connectors' built-in shield structure and pin configuration support up to 15GHz and significantly reduce EMI levels, achieving EMI well below the FCC's standardized threshold. Created with Tough Contact technology, these connectors ensure high contact reliability and retention force, resulting in a secure and quality connection.

Panasonic's specialized components provide a foundation for fast and reliable 5G hardware and will continue to be a trusted partner as 5G Advanced designs and applications evolve. The components, such as Relays, Polymer Capacitors, and shielded high-frequency 5G Connectors, play a crucial role in ensuring high signal integrity, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing electromagnetic interference. As new challenges arise, Panasonic's focus on providing cutting-edge technology will help drive the development of 5G applications and enable the promise of a more connected, efficient, and innovative world.

Industrial Solutions for 5G Networking Applications Video Presentation

Market Solutions

Panasonic is a solutions provider supporting many markets with over 40 years of experience manufacturing and supplying an extensive portfolio of components and devices for solar storage, EV charging, automotive, medical devices, robotics, and more!

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