Active Optical Connectors

All-In-One Design, Integrated Fiber Cable for High-Speed Transmission.

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Connector Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW V Series Active Optical Connectors. Featuring a built-in laser diode and photodiode along with an electrical/optical conversion function, the V Series is an all-in-one optical transceiver capable of transmission rates up to 6 Gbps. Due to its compact, bi-directional design, it is possible to easily integrate the connector into products where space is at a premium. The V Series has a vertical insertion form factor and exhibits impressive noise reduction and electrical isolation.

Applications & Industries:

• Measurement Equipment
• Industrial Robots
• Image Processing
• Test and Measurement
• Imaging
• Medical
• Industrial Machinery

Series List

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Series table for lineup Active Optical Connectors
Series/TypeDatasheetVertival typeTransmission rate
 1 channel-Bi-direction: 20 Mbps to Max.8 Gbps
 2 channel-Uni-direction: 20 Mbps to Max.16 Gbps
 (20 Mbps to Max.8 Gbps/ch)

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