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Dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, Panasonic offers customers electronic switches that improve a device’s overall user experience.  Panasonic’s electromechanical switches, typically used as a human-to-machine interface, include the latest in light touch switches, multi-functional switches and more.

Improve the Touch of Your Application with Panasonic Electromechanical Switches.

Learn more about Panasonic’s electromechanical switches by clicking on the below product categories.


  • Light Touch / Tactile SwitchesHigh quality versatile tactile switch. Low contact resistance and small bouncing noise.
  • Detector SwitchesFeatures include long travel, thin profile, compact size, light weight, highly flexible actuation angles and surface mount or J-bent terminal mounting options.
  • Switch ModulesPanasonic Switch Modules, also known as tactile sheets, consist of domed diaphragms fixed by tape on a base film.
  • Push SwitchesPanasonic offers Push Switches in various sizes and push travel as well as both non-locking and self-locking types.
  • Power Rocker SwitchesPower rocker switches for safety requirements complying with Class II EN61058-1 insulation grade.
  • Seal Type Snap Action SwitchesGet more information on Panasonic's series of environmentally sealed switches with epoxy resin construction and rubber cap.
  • Non Seal Type Snap Action SwitchesNon-Seal Type Snap action switches in various dimensions, current ratings, terminal choices, actuators, and operating force values.
  • Interlock SwitchesInterlock switches designed with dual restoration springs and double cut-off for safety.
  • Fall Detection SwitchesCompact tip sensor with reliable photo sensor design. Applications include: Gas Heaters, Electric Fans.
  • Snap / Toggle SwitchesA Snap/Toggle Switch is an operational switch that is manually operated & can be used to select between ON-OFF states.