Specifications table for model R-1577E/R-1570E
ItemPerformance characteristics
Tg (DSC),173 °C
Tg (TMA), (°C)170 °C
Tg (DMA),190 °C
Td (Thermal Decomposition) (°C)385 °C
T288 (Without Cu) (min)>120 min
T288 (With Cu) (min)25 min
CTE-Y <Tg (ppm/℃)14-16 ppm/°C
CTE-Y, <Tg14-16 ppm/°C
CTE-Z <Tg (ppm/℃)35 ppm/°C
CTE α2 Z-axis: Test Method IPC-TM-650 2.4.24; Condition A (ppm/℃)210 ppm/°C
Thermal Conductivity, (W/m・K)0.50 W/m · K
Surface Resistivity (mΩ)
Dielectric Constant (Dk) @ 1Ghz; Test Method IPC-TM-650; Condition C-24/23/504.2
Dielectric Constant (Dk) @ 10Ghz; Test Method IPC-TM-650; Condition C-24/23/504.1
Dielectric Constant (Dk) @ 12Ghz; Test Method Balanced-type Circular Disk Resonator; Condition C-24/23/50
Df at 1 GHz0.01
Df at 10 GHz0.013
Df at 12 GHz
Water Absorption (%)
Poisson's Ratio 0.2
Flexural Warp (MD) (GPa)25 GPa
Flexural Fill (TD) (GPa)23 GPa
Peel Strength (1 Oz. Cu) (kN/m)1.3 kN/m
Sample Thickness (mm)0.8mm

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