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Low-loss MEGTRON 8 joins the MEGTRON family of high-performance circuit board materials

Panasonic Electronic Materials now offers MEGTRON 8, a multi-layer circuit board material featuring low transmission loss, designed for high-speed communication network equipment such as routers and switches.

The high-speed network equipment that is the backbone of the Internet of Things now needs to meet 800GbE targets: twice as fast as the current 400 GbE standard. As transmission speed increases, so too does transmission loss. MEGTRON 8 provides the reduced transmission loss required to ensure signal quality in these new conditions.

Panasonic leverages its proprietary resin design expertise and material compounding technologies to deliver both the excellent dielectric properties and low transmission loss required for high-performance, high-layer-count circuit boards. Panasonic incorporates both ultra-low dissipation factor glass cloth and low-profile copper foil into the latest addition to the well-regarded MEGTRON series product line.

With a high glass transition temperature and high thermal decomposition temperature, MEGTRON 8 exhibits excellent heat resistance and insulation reliability. MEGTRON 8 is design for use in high-layer-count circuit boards with more than 20 layers, such as those used in high-end servers and routers.

MEGTRON 8 has the same processability as Panasonic's conventional product and can be manufactured with standard general multi-layer circuit board fabrication processes.


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