Vacuum Motors

Panasonic Vacuum Motors are developed to minimize noise while maximizing power. Offering two families of Vacuum Motors with diameters ranging from 105~125mm with outputs ranging from 500W up to 1,400 W; AC100V~240V (DC input is also available).

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Ultra light weight vacuum cleaner motor blog post

New Ultra Light Vacuum Cleaner Motors Blog Post

Read why Panasonic was challenged to significantly reduce the weight of vacuum cleaner motors by 45% compared to the conventional motor design. The motor is a core component of any household vacuum cleaner unit. The motor directly affects the vacuum cleaner's suction force and total weight. We developed a motor that weighs approximately 45% less and has an external size of approximately 85% of the conventional vacuum motor. This new motor design created a significant contribution to reducing the weight and size of vacuum cleaner units.