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motors for appliances, fans, refrigerators, and more

As one of the world’s largest motor manufacturers, Panasonic provides fractional-horsepower motors for high efficiency fan blowing applications commonly used in Appliances, HVAC/R, and Automotive. Our AC motors, DC motors, and electronically commutated motors (EC motors) and solutions are designed for multiple indoor and outdoor applications, and can be optimized to a specific implementation for airflow, low noise, and efficiency performance. Our motor expertise also includes motors for automotive braking systems. Our motor products include:

  • ECM fan motors for residential and commercial building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment
  • Refrigeration fan motors for condenser cooling and evaporator air circulation in residential and commercial refrigeration equipment
  • DC flat motors commonly coupled to fans for use in automotive, RV and truck cooling and ventilation
  • Vacuum cleaner motors for vacuum, spa and industrial use
  • Motors for Automotive braking systems and battery cooling



  • HVAC MotorsHigh efficiency 30 ~ 750 Watt air conditioning motors for multiple indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Vacuum MotorsPanasonic motors have been developed to minimize noise while maximizing power.
  • Refrigeration MotorsPanasonic's low noise, standard, and custom designed evaporator & condenser motors are available for AC input (EC motors) or DC input applications.
  • Automotive MotorsFrom cooling fans to power windows to anti-lock braking systems, we provide a wide variety of motors to suit a number of needs for the automobile industry.