EV-A Series Relays (DC Contactors)

Panasonic’s EV-A Series Automotive Relay (DC Contactor) is a 250A @ 500V DC Contactor that has an incredibly small and lightweight design. The EV-A Series can withstand up to an 8,000A short circuit current rating and has a high cut-off capability of 1,800A @ 500VDC without requiring any contact polarity. This Automotive Relay is suitable for usage in Electric Vehicles, DC Charging Stations and other high voltage DC applications such as Hybrid Construction Equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Slim Size: 42.5 mm (W) x 56.5 mm(L) x 63.0 mm(H)
  • Lightweight Design:  Weighs Approximately 400 grams
  • Robust Design for Dealing with High Current Surge: Can Withstand Up To 8,000A SCCR (Short Current Circuit Rating) at 5ms Maximum Capacity with No Smoke or Ignition
  • High Current Breaking Capability: Can Support Up to 1,800A @ 500 V.DC Cut-Off for at Least 1 Operation at L/R ≦ 1 ms Without Polarity
  • Does Not Require Polarized Load Connection: The Output Load at the Contacts Can Be Connected Without Polarization Allowing for a High Freedom Of Design and No Risk of Reversing the Connection
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant

Part Number List

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Models table for series EV-A Series Relays (DC Contactors)
Part No.DatasheetRated Coil VoltageContact ArrangementContact CapacityProtective ConstructionTerminal TypeOperating Function Operate (Set) Voltage (at20&deg;C) (Initial) Release (Reset) voltage (at20&deg;C) (Initial)Rated Operating Current [&plusmn;10%] (at 20&deg;C)Coil Resistance (At 20oC)Rated Operating Power (at 20&deg;C) Max. applied voltageContact MaterialNominal Switching Capacity (Resistive Load) Max. Carring Current Min. Switching Load (Resistive) Contact Voltage Drop (Initial)Short Circuit Capacity Insulation Resistance (Min. M&Omega;)(Initial)Dielectric Strength (Between Open Contacts) (Initial)Dielectric Strength (Between Contacts and Coil) (Initial)Operate (Set) Time<br>(At Rated Coil Voltage) (At 20oC) (Initial)Release (Reset) Time<br>(at Rated Coil Voltage) (at 20&deg;C) (Initial)Shock Resistance: Functional Shock Resistance: DestructiveVibration Resistance: FunctionalVibration Resistance: DestructiveExpected Life: Mechanical LifeExpected Life: Switch-Off LifeExpected Life: Inrush Current (Capacitor)ConditionsWeight (Typ.)Standard Packing Usable Voltage Range
12V DC
1 Form A
250 A
Capsule contact
Screw terminal
Single side stable
Max. 9 V DC
Min. 0.5 V DC
0.5 A
6.0 W
16 V DC
Cu alloy
250A 500V DC (Carry, 50mm2 wire)
250 A continuous (50mm2 wire)
1 A 12V DC (at 20°C)
Max. 0.125 V (250A carry current)
8,000 A (at Max. 5 ms), No smoke and no ignition
Min. 100 MΩ (At 1000 V DC, Measured portion is the same as the case of dielectric strength.)
2,500 Vrms for 1min. (detection current: 10 mA.)
2,500 Vrms for 1min. (detection current: 10 mA.)
Max. 50 ms (without bounce)
Max. 30 ms (with no coil protective elements)
For ON: Min. 588 m/s2 (Half-sine shock pulse: 11 ms; detection time: 10 µs)
For OFF: Min. 147 m/s2 (Half-sine shock pulse: 11 ms; detection time: 10 µs)
Min. 588 m/s2 (Half-sine shock pulse: 11 ms)
10 to 200 Hz, 44.1 m/s2 (detection time: 10 µs)
10 to 200 Hz, 44.1 m/s2 X, Y, Z direction: 4 hours
Min. 2 x 105
1,800 A 500 V DC, Min. 1 operation (No polarity)
140 A 20 V DC, Min. 70,000 operations
Ambient temperature: –40 to +85°C
Humidity: 5 to 85% R.H. (Avoid icing or condensation.)
Approx. 400 g
20 pcs (packed with 20pcs / 1 tray)
10 V DC to 16 V DC

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