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Designed to switch high DC current levels of 20A to 300A. Sealed construction and wide operating temperatures allows use in harsh environments. Plug-in and PC board terminal arrangement with pin-in-paste compatible versions. Hermetically sealed contact enclosures available.

Line Up

Series/TypeData SheetImageContact arrangementMax. switching currentNominal coil voltageTypeContact shape
CB Relays1a,1c20A,40A,
12V DC
24V DC
Plug-in type,
PC board terminal type,
Bracket type
CT Relays Power type1c,1c x 230A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
EV Relays (DC Contactors)1a10A,20A,60A,
12V DC
24V DC
Plug-in type,Screw terminalSingle
CN-H Relays1a30A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
CN-M Relays1a,1c30A12V DCPC board terminal type,Surface-mount terminal typeSingle
CP Relays1a,1c20A12V DCPC board terminal type,Surface mount terminal typeSingle
TC Relays1a,1c,Duble make contact 2a30A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
TM Relays1a,1c35A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
EB-N Relays1a100A12V DCn/aSingle
CM Relays1a,1c35A12V DC
24V DC
PC board terminal type,Plug-in typeSingle
CW Relays2a120A(5sec.)
12V DCWelding terminalSingle
TL RelaysDuble make contact 2a40A12V DCPC board terminal typeDuble make
CJ Relays1c,1c x 220A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
TE Relays1c,1c x 220A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle,Twin


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Automotive Relay Disclaimer

Panasonic Automotive Relays are designed and intended for use by manufacturers of automobiles and associated automotive subassemblies.  Our automotive relays are complex by nature and proper performance and compatibility can only be assured through rigorous design review, evaluation testing, and specification analysis required by the automotive industry for automotive applications by a properly licensed and certified professional.  Performance and safety concerns require that our automotive relays be sold exclusively to automotive customers for automotive applications.  All questions regarding Panasonic Automotive Relays should be directed to