Specifications table for model JVN1aF-100V-F
ItemPerformance characteristics
Rated Coil Voltage100 V DC
Rated Operating Power 600 mW
Protective ConstructionFlux-resistant
Operating Function Single side stable
Terminal TypePC board terminal
Relay Shape Flat type
Coil Insulation ClassClass E insulation
Packing Quantity; Inner Carton (Pcs.) 100
Packing Quantity; Outer Carton (Pcs.)1,000
Operate Voltage (@20oC)Max. 60 V DC (Initial)
Release Voltage (at20°C) Min. 4 V DC (Initial)
Rated Operating Current [±10%] (at 20°C)6 mA
Resistance [±10%] (at 20°C) 16,600 Ω
Max. Allowable Voltage (at 20°C 68°F)110 V DC
Contact Arrangement1 Form A
Contact ShapeSingle
Contact Resistance (Initial)Max. 100 mΩ (by voltage drop 6 V DC 1 A)
Contact MaterialAgSnO2 type
Max. Switching Power (Resistive Load) 2,770 VA, 300 W
Contact Rating (Resistive Load)16 A 125 V AC, 10 A 277 V AC, 10 A 30 V DC
Max. Switching Voltage277 V AC, 110 V DC (0.3 A)
Max. Switching Current16 A (AC), 10 A (DC)
Min. Switching Load (Reference Value) 100 mA 5 V DC
Insulation Resistance (Initial)Min. 1,000 MΩ (at 500 V DC, Measured portion is the same as the case of dielectric strength.)
Dielectric Strength (Initial): Between Open Contacts1,000 Vrms for 1 min (detection current: 10 mA)
Dielectric Strength (Initial): Between Contact and Coil2,500 Vrms for 1 min (detection current: 10 mA)
Surge Withstand Voltage (Initial): Between Contact and Coil4,500 V
Release Time (Initial) (at 20°C) Max. 5 ms at rated coil voltage (without bounce, without diode)
Operate Time (Initial) (At 20oC)Max. 8 ms (100 V DC) at rated coil voltage (without bounce)
Hock Resistance (Functional)200 m/s2 (half-sine shock pulse: 11 ms, detection time: 10 µs)
Hock Resistance (Destructive)1,000 m/s2 (half-sine shock pulse: 6 ms)
Vibration Resistance (Functional)10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 1.6 mm, detection time: 10 µs)
Vibration Resistance (Destructive)10 to 55 Hz (at double amplitude of 2 mm)
Mechanical LifeMin. 20x106 ope. (switching frequency: at 180 times/min)
ConditionsAmbient temperature: -40 to +60°C
Humidity: 5 to 85% RH (Avoid icing and condensation)
Weight (Typ.)Approx. 8 g
Resistive Load[at 20°C, switching frequency: 20 times/min]
Min. 100x103 ope. 10 A 125 V AC
Min. 100x103 ope. 10 A 30 V DC
Min. 50x103 ope. 10 A 277 V AC
Min. 30x103 ope. 16 A 125 V AC
Packing QuantityCarton

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