Specifications table for model AQY4C2PX
ItemPerformance characteristics
Terminal TypeSurface-mount terminal
Contact Arrangement1 Form B
Packing QuantityTape and reel packing style (X)
Voltage TypeAC/DC
Load Voltage [ V<sub>L</sub> ] 60 V
Load current0.15 A
I/O Isolation Voltage (V<sub>iso</sub>)200 Vrms
Product NameCC TSON 1 Form B
Packing quantity<br>1-reel (pcs.)3,500
Packing quantity<br>Outer carton (pcs.)3,500
Input Voltage (V<sub>IN</sub>)5.5 V
Input Reverse Voltage (V<sub>RIN</sub>)0.2 V
Power Dissipation (P<sub>in</sub>)1.2 mW
Load Voltage [ V<sub>L</sub> ] (V<sub>L</sub>)60 V
Continuous Load Current (I<sub>L</sub>)0.15 A
Peak Load Current (I<sub>peak</sub>)0.4 A
Power Dissipation (P<sub>out</sub>)250 mW
Total Power Dissipation (P<sub>t</sub>)250 mW
Ambient Temperature: Operating (T<sub>opr</sub>)-40 to +105°C
Ambient Temperature: Storage (T<sub>stg</sub>)-40 to +125°C
Operate Voltage (Typical) (V<sub>Fon</sub>)1.6 V
Operate Voltage (Maximum) (V<sub>Fon</sub>)2.5 V
Turn Off Voltage (Minimum) (V<sub>Foff</sub>)0.5 V
Turn Off Voltage (Typical) (V<sub>Foff</sub>)1.4 V
Input Current (Typical) (I<sub>IN</sub>)0.09 mA
Input Current (Maximum) (I<sub>IN</sub>)0.2 mA
On Resistance (Typical) (R<sub>on</sub>)4 ohm
On Resistance (Maximum) (R<sub>on</sub>)8 ohm
Off State Leakage Current (Maximum) (I<sub>Leak</sub>)10nA
Over Current ProtectionNothing
Turn On Time (Typical) 0.06 ms
Turn On Time (Maximum) 0.5 ms
Turn Off Time (Typical)0.5 ms
Turn Off Time (Maximum)1.5 ms
I/O Capacitance (Typical) (C<sub>iso</sub>)1.2 pF
I/O Capacitance (Maximum) (C<sub>iso</sub>)3 pF
Input Voltage (V<sub>IN</sub>)Min.: 3 V, Max.: 5 V
Load Voltage (V<sub>L</sub>)Max.: 30 V
Continuous Load Current (I<sub>L</sub>)Max.: 0.15 A

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