PIR Motion Sensor (PaPIRs)

Panasonic Passive Infrared or Pyroelectric PIR Motion Sensors are available in a wide variety of detection types including low profile, long distance, wall installation, slight motion, high density/long distance, horizontally wide, and standard.

The latest PIR Motion Sensor lens design type options are the new "Wide Area Detection" Type offering a wide detection spanning over 10.8 meters and the new "Ultra Slight Motion" Type with improved sensitivity.  Both the EKMC and EKMB Series offer the "Wide Area Detection" and "Ultra Slight Motion" Type alternatives. Most parts are available in white, black or pearl white.

Simplified circuitry with fully integrated Sensor design. Only 1micro A current consumption, suitable for battery-driven wireless equipment. No-Lead (Pb) eco-friendly Sensor. 

PIR Motion Sensor Applications include: 

  • Lighting Controls
  • Thermostats and HVAC Systems
  • Smart Home and IoT
  • IP Cameras and Surveillance Systems
  • Digital Signage and more

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Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors Frequently Asked Questions Reference Document

PIR Sensor FAQ

Everything there is to know about Panasonic’s PIR Motion Sensors product line is now available in an easy-to-use Frequently Asked Questions brochure!

Thirty-nine (39) comprehensive pages on how to design in and use Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors makes specifying these high technology products easier than ever. Operating principles, electrical connection, output signals and in-depth product specification information are all available for easy reference. 

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