Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth® Modules

Bluetooth® Modules design engineers Panasonic
Bluetooth® Modules

Ready-to-use Modules with Bluetooth Technology Built-In. 

Manufactured to handle a broad range of technologies, Panasonic’s Bluetooth modules can be designed into various types of electronic devices.  Features include:

  • High Data Rates
  • Seamless Transition from Bluetooth Classic to Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • Reduced Power Consumption (as low as 5mA)
  • Rapid Connection and Disconnection


  • Bluetooth Low EnergyBluetooth® Low Energy technology reduces power consumption down to a tenth of a Classic Bluetooth® device.
  • Bluetooth Multi ModeBluetooth® Multi Mode devices receive data sent from Classic Bluetooth® devices and Bluetooth® Low Energy devices.
  • Bluetooth ClassicBest suited for high data rate – up to 3Mbits/sec and applications where the network size is under eight nodes.