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The MINAS A6 Family of Advanced AC Servo Motors

Panasonic's proprietary algorithm, combined with an upgraded CPU and improved hardware, provides a high-speed response motor capable of high-precision positioning due to its ability to eliminate micro-vibrations and machine oscillation caused by the resonance.

IA Servo Motor Grp Photo TD 09.07.22

The MINAS A6 family of advanced AC servomotors is changing the landscape of industrial machinery.


A robot is required to operate stably despite arm posture and position, workload, and other conditions changing from moment to moment. The MINAS A6 family assures stable operation by suppressing the effects of the load to a minimum using "adaptive load control."

Processing Machinery

To render a mirror-like finishing on a polygonal body with a metal processing machine can be pretty challenging. The MINAS A6 family utilizes a "3.2 kHz frequency response" to improve feedback responsiveness, thus enabling a mirror-like surface without generating lines or streaks.

Component Mounting Machines

The MINAS A6 family also shows versatility when used with a component mounting machine where speed and positional accuracy are a must. In addition to the high-frequency response, it can process accidental disturbances with the help of built-in "adaptive load control," thus maintaining high productivity.

Panasonic AC Servomotors

A6 Series Servo Motors

MINAS A6 Family

Panasonic's easier-to-use, more compact, and faster-than-ever AC Servomotors offer innovative features to meet the needs of today's applications and beyond.


  • Small and light,
  • High torque and speed
  • Precise and high-speed encoder (23bit, 40 micro-degree turns)
  • Robust (IP65/67)
  • Advanced servo drivers