A35UH Series Board-To-FPC High Current Stacking Connectors

April 13, 2018 New Product Introductions

High Current Capacity Required For Multiple Connection of Power Signal Between USB and Battery

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Connector technology, is pleased to introduce the NEW Board-To-FPC A35UH Series High Current Stacking Connectors. The NEW A35UH Series Connectors allow devices to be designed thinner due to a low-profile mated height of 0.6mm. The NEW A35UH Series also supports a maximum of 5A that can be supplied to the power terminals to allow for a reduction in the number of power line pins and contributes to space savings. NEW A35UH Series Connectors are not easily breakable during the insertion or removal process due to the Panasonic Tough Contact structure that provides these Connectors with high resistance to shock and vibration. The insertion guides and superior click feel of the NEW A35UH Connectors provide ease of assembly and true confirmation that they have been inserted properly.

Features: Benefits:
  • Slim, Low Profile Design: 0.6mm Mated Height With 2.2mm Width
  • Supports 5A Power Terminals
  • With Power Terminal; Number of Pins Can be Reduced
  • “ Tough Contact” Structure Provides A Slim, Low-Profile Design Resistant To Various Environmental Conditions
  • High Insertion Force: 40 Newtons
  • High Removal Force: 10 Newtons
  • Insertion Guides And Click Feel
  • RoHS / REACH Compliant
  • High Current Capability
  • Reduced Height
  • Ease Of Assembly
  • Insertion Confirmation


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