AQZ20_G Series PhotoMOS® Relays

August 30, 2018 New Product Introductions
panasonic aqz20_G series photoMOS relays

The AQZ20_G Series PhotoMOS® 1 Form A High Capacity PhotoMOS Relays Featuring High Capacity Up To 6A In A Slim Single In Line Package are Now Available in 100V and 600V Capacity

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, introduces the AQZ20_G Series PhotoMOS Relays in 100V and 600V capacities. The AQZ20_G Series High Capacity PhotoMOS Relays can switch a wide range of currents and voltages to control various types of loads while maintaining a slim 4-pin SIL (Single In Line) package for high density mounting. Other features include a low on-resistance of less than 0.015Ω, high sensitivity LED with a 1mA operating current and a low-level off state leakage current of 10μA maximum. Unlike Triacs, photocouplers or solid state Relays, the new AQZ20_G Series PhotoMOS Relays can be used to control low-level analog signals of less than several hundred millivolts without distortion.

  • High Capacity Switching
  • Low On-Resistance and High Sensitivity
  • AC/DC Dual Use And Low-Level Off State Leakage Current
  • Slim Single In Line (SIL) 4-Pin Package: (L) 21.0 mm x (W) 3.5 mm x (H) 12.5 mm
  • C-UL Approved
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Can Control Various Types Of Loads, From Very Small Loads To A Max. 6A Current (AC/DC) For Sequencers, Motors And Lamps.
  • Low On-Resistance Reduces Power Dissipation When Switching High Currents And Increases Switching Speeds To Improve The Precision Or Measurement. High Sensitivity LED Contributes To Energy Savings Through Lower Power Consumption.
  • There Is No Need To Differentiate AC From DC Loads As Is Necessary With Conventional Solid State Relays. Bi-Directional Control Is Possible Through A Single Channel By Using A Dual MOSFET Structure.
  • Compact Size Allows For High Density Mounting.


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