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EEF-JZ/KZ/TX/TZ Series SP-CAP™ Specialty Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Featuring High Endurance and Large Capacitance with Ultra Low 3mΩ ESR for High-Temperature Application Requirements  

Panasonic introduces the newest Surface Mount Specialty Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, catering to high-temperature applications requiring endurance and large capacitance. These new Capacitors are designed with a maximum height of 2.0mm to 2.3mm, yet they boast remarkable features, such as the EEF-TX Series' high endurance of 135℃ at 5,500 hours at 2.0mm height. Meanwhile, the EEF-JZ/KZ/TZ Series offers 2V/560µF and 2.5V/470µF at 2.3mm height. 

Download Datasheet - EEF-JZDownload Datasheet - EEF-KZDownload Datasheet - EEF-TXDownload Datasheet - EEF-TZ