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ERJ-Hxx Series Automotive Grade, High Temperature Thick Film Chip Resistors

New Panasonic Thick Film Chip Resistors That Offer A Maximum Category Temperature of 175°C! 

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, introduces the NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Automotive Grade, High Temperature Thick Film Chip Resistors.

The NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Resistor product line achieves a maximum Category Temperature of 175°C and a maximum Rated Operating Temperature of 105°C. These NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Automotive Grade Thick Film Chip Resistors endured 1000 cycles of thermal shock testing by Panasonic in which they were exposed to heat ranging from -55°C to +175°C.

The NEW ERJ-Hxx Series Resistors offer small size, higher power Resistor alternatives that provide enhanced flexibility of PCB design by reducing solder-joint crack risk.

AEC-Q200 Compliance and IEC 60115-8, JIS C 5201-8 and JEITA RC-2134C Reference Standards for the entire NEW ERJ-Hxx Series of Automotive Grade, High Temperature Thick Film Chip Resistors from Panasonic ensures optimal quality and reliability

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AEC-Q200 Selection Guide

An AEC-Q200 Compliant Series

Panasonic components specified as AEC-Q200 Compliant are consistently designed into automotive systems.  However, today’s Design Engineers are specifying AEC-Q200 components to meet the high-quality standards of devices beyond automotive applications.

Parts that pass the AEC tests are qualified, high-quality components that can be used in critical environments.  Therefore, there should be no need to conduct other component level tests saving both time and expense.

Current AEC-Q200 Standard documents developed by the AEC Component Technical Committee are available on the AEC website. The AEC is an organization based in the U.S. that sets qualification standards for the supply of components in the automotive electronics industry.

If your next device requires components that meet the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) requirements for components suitable for harsh automotive environments, think Panasonic!

Download a complete list of Panasonic AEC-Q200 Compliant Component Series and specify reliably!