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ETQ-P6M2R5YSC Automotive Power Inductor

Featuring Vibration Accelerations-Resistance of 50G 

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Inductor Products, announces the new ETQ-P6M2R5YSC Automotive Power Inductor. This Inductor features vibration acceleration resistance of 50G or higher in 150°C environments and is AEC-Q200 Compliant.

This new Inductor also offers excellent inductance stability over various temperatures. The ETQ-P6M2R5YSC Power Inductor provides high efficiency with low DC resistance of winding and low eddy-current loss of the core.

With excellent vibration resistance, heat resistance, and large current support, the ETQ-P6M2R5YSC allows customers to streamline their production process and contribute to the placement of ECUs in the engine itself and the integration of mechanical and electrical components.

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