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GA Series microSDHC 8GB Memory Card, MLC Model

Consumer Plus microSD 2D Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash Memory SD Card

Featuring Panasonic’s Automatic Data Refresh Function For High Data Retention For Applications Requiring Unpowered Memory Cards For Extended Periods Of Time

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Storage Media Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW GA Series Consumer Plus 8GB Memory Card.  The NEW GA Series 8GB SD Card utilizes a highly reliable 64Gbit NAND die in 2D MLC form, which offers low risk of end of life or Bill Of Materials changes.  Offering excellent performance by featuring a UHS-I Interface and minimum Class 10 speeds,  the NEW GA Series 8GB  Consumer Plus SD Card  features an Automatic Data Refresh function enabling high data retention capability if the microSD Card is stored unpowered for extended periods of time.  

Panasonic’s static wear leveling algorithm ensures erase blocks within the NAND flash have evenly distributed wear.  Bad block management efficiently handles physical erase blocks that become unusable over time (due to hitting their program threshold). The result is a higher overall card endurance for the user.  In addition, the proprietary Panasonic SD Controller and firmware increases write efficiency, card lifetime and card analysis capability.

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