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Panasonic Offers Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Solutions For Industrial Automation Applications

Panasonic's line of Miniature Sensors for Industrial Automation applications are suitable for a wide variety of uses and feature built-in amplifiers that share many of the same features but use different sensing technologies (laser and photoelectric) to meet the requirements of an even wider range of applications. 

Panasonic Miniature Sensor Solutions

EX-L200 Series Amplifier Built-In Ultra-Compact Laser Sensor

The EX-L200 Series, one of the world’s smallest Laser Sensors with a built-in amplifier, is designed to detect minute objects with utmost accuracy.

EZ-X Series Ultra-Minute Photoelectric Sensor

At a thickness of 3mm, the EX-Z Series is one of the world's tiniest Photoelectric Sensors with a built-in amplifier which was achieved by utilizing a new semiconductor packaging technology that does not use wire bonding.