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R35K Series Board-To-Board Narrow (Fine) Pitch Connectors (0.35 mm Pitch)

The Ideal Choice For The Connection Of Small, Battery-Powered Devices

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Connector Products, introduces the NEW R35K Series of Narrow Pitch Connectors. The NEW R35K Series is an ultra-small 0.35mm pitch socket and header Connector pair that is available in a 4-pin solution. This Connector uses power terminals on each end of the Connector to transmit 3A continuous current allowing for the connection of small Battery powered devices. The inner pins of the Connector are each rated 300mA for carrying signal as well.

The NEW R35K Series Connector also maintains the Panasonic unique Tough Contact Construction consisting of bellowed contacts for shock and vibration resistance and v-notch construction shape which maintains 2 points of contact between socket and header pins. The robust structure and balancing of small size and high current capability makes the NEW R35K Series ideal for lightweight Battery powered devices such as smart watches, hearing aids and headphones.

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