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Featured Panasonic PLC Products

FP-XH Series

The entry-level block type FP-XH Series PLC with relay and transistor outputs and SD card is suitable for simple applications.

FP0H Series

The MID-SIZED FP0H Series provide 2 Ethernet ports, SD card, and 4-axis pulse output to handle medium size applications.

FP7 Series

Our flagship PLC the FP7 Series, with an 11 ns/step processor, 196k steps program capacity, and up to 4k I/Os, can handle the most advanced industrial applications.


Panasonic PLCs offer an outstanding price-performance benefit that incorporates numerous functions including PID, adaptive filters, electronic cam control, multi-axis interpolation and more, all in a very compact body. Panasonic PLCs undergo extremely rigorous testing during development that far exceeds the demands that will be placed on them. This allows for the long life of the product in end-use applications.

IA PLC Series Chart 1200x450 11.09.22

Panasonic PLC Products

IA FP-XH PLC 75-Per 413x255 11.10.22

FP-XH Series


  • 40k steps max program capacity with 0.04 μs/step (up to 7 k steps)
  • Up to 6 axes of motion control
  • Cassette interface expands functionality without increasing the footprint
  • Existing FP‐X programs can be used without modifications
  • Expandable up to 382 I/O points
IA FP0H PLC 75-Per 413x255 11.10.22

FP0H Series


  • 16 Input and 16 Output (Up to 384 IO with expansion), Up to
  • Built In Ethernet ports
  • Up to 64k steps and operation speed p to 40ns/step
  • Built‐in 4‐axis pulse outputs
IA FP7 PLC 75-Per 413x255 11.10.22

FP7 Series


  • Up to 4096 IO with Up to 64 Expansion Units
  • Program Capacity 196k Steps and operation speed up to 11ns/step
  • Fieldbus Units Available: Profibus, Profinet, CANOpen, DeviceNet, And EtherCAT Motion Controller
  • Built‐In Webserver With Preset System Webpage
  • Up To 35 Serial Communication Channels Are Possible
  • HTTP And FTP Client Functions (SSL‐Compatible)


IA Gantry Control 413x255 11.10.22

Control of Gantry Mechanism: FP0H, FP7

Multi-axis synchronous interpolation control enables smooth and highly accurate gantry operation.

  • Target markets: Production of electronic devices, LC displays, machine tools, etc.
  • Target devices: Inspection equipment, coaters, laser scanners, etc.
IA CAM Control 413x310 11.10.22

Control of Cam Mechanism: FP0H, FP7

The electronic cam function controls and synchronizes a slave axis with the master axis according to a predefined electronic cam table.

  • Target markets: Packaging industry, food/chemicals processing, printing industry
  • Target devices: Rotary cutters, printing machines, inserters, etc.
IA Motion Control 64-Axes FP7 413x272 11.10.22

Motion Control of Up to 64 axes in One Unit: FP7

A Single FP7 Motion Control Unit can Control 64 axes of MINAS A6B and 32 Virtual axes. It is Now Easier to Perform Multiple axial Control. (Dedicated unit for MINAS A6B Series)

  • Up to 32 synchronous groups! (32 groups of 2 axes to 2 groups of 32 axes)
  • Industry's fastest class with 0.5 ms* control cycle
  • Control system: Cyclic position control
  • Positioning table: 1,000 tables / axis
IA PLC Visualization of Energy Consumption FP0H & FP7 413x272 11.10.22

Visualization of Energy Consumption in Manufacturing Plants: FP0H, FP7

Remotely monitor and visualize the energy consumption in a manufacturing plant by using the FP7 Web Server function and Web Data logger unit.

  • Electricity data can be collected at various Locations
  • Multiple Web Data logger units can be accessed simultaneously
  • CPU communication with 16 locations simultaneously via LAN
  • Create flexible Excel sheets for energy monitoring with the Data Analyzer
  • Measurement data can be stored locally on a SD card or remotely on a FTP server
IA Premium FP7 PLC Lighting Control System Image 413x275 11.10.22

Lighting Control System: FP-XH, FP0H, FP7

Use the FP7 with an energy monitoring system to monitor energy consumption. Data can be logged and visualized remotely on an office PC with the FP Data Analyzer software.

  • Remote control of the FP7 with a PC
  • Data logging with SD card
  • Easy monitoring of the complete lighting system
  • Wireless systems reduce installation costs
IA Premium FP7 PLC Analog Control Image 413x250 11.10.22

Packaging, Analog Control (High-Speed Temperature Control): FP-XH, FP0H, FP7

Use an impulse heat controller with high-speed PID control for applications such as thermo-compression bonding, thermal welding, etc.