HVAC Motors

Panasonic offers a wide range of variable-speed Fan and Blower Motors to meet the requirements of residential heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and large building air-conditioners. Panasonic’s Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) deliver exceptionally high operating efficiencies that minimize electricity and energy use while improving overall comfort. OEMs use our ECM motors to develop highly efficient and more sustainable air-moving solutions.  

Application Examples:  

  • Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Condensers
  • Residential Furnaces & Air Handlers
  • Multi-Zone HVAC
  • Chillers
  • VRF
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems
  • Fan Filter Units (FFU)
  • Motor Start Applications
  • Refrigeration 


  • High Efficiency 30 ~ 1300 Watt Air Conditioning Motors For Multiple Indoor & Outdoor Applications
    • Indoor + Outdoor: AR-9H, AR-11 
    • Indoor: AR-U2
    • Outdoor: AR-K
  • 10 Pole Structure for High Efficiency, Low Noise, and Vibration
  • Self-Protecting Function Built-In
  • Low-Loss & Inherent Temperature Rise 

Air conditioners create comfortable living spaces to control temperature and humidity throughout all seasons. Panasonic can offer a wide range of fan motors to meet the requirement of residential split air-conditioners and large building air-conditioners.

HVAC Motors Chart

Some motor series may only be used indoors or conversely and not both. Also, there may be limitations in mounting position.
Motor output in the chart is for reference purposes and may vary depending on conditions.

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