Relays & Contactors: Mechanical Signal Relays (2A or Less)

Mechanical Signal Relays (2A or Less) design engineers Panasonic

Mechanical Relays that can switch up to 2A. Ideal for low load switching, signal control, etc. Features include gold contacts, stable contact resistance, fully sealed construction, Form C contact arrangement, available latching and low operating power, and compact size for optimal board space usage.  Applications include: AC Control, Communications, Security, Measurement Equipment, Audio Visual Devices and Automotive. 


  • Signal RelaysMechanical relay ideal for signal control, etc., with less than 2A nominal switching capacity.
  • High-Frequency Signal RelaysPanasonic offers high-frequency devices that support high bandwidth frequencies.
  • Optical SwitchesOptical switches that make high-speed optical communication switching possible.