PAN1781 Series

PAN1781 Series Bluetooth® 5.3 Low Energy Module

Panasonic’s Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy RF Module Based On The Nordic nRF52820 Single-Chip Controller For IoT Applications Where A Long Range Is Required

The PAN1781 Series RF Module is a high technology device featuring the Nordic nRF52820 Single-Chip Controller and is ideal for IoT Wireless Connectivity applications!

The Bluetooth 5.3 features as the LE coded PHY for an elongated range or the high speed 2M PHY are supplemented by the support of angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD) direction finding using Bluetooth.  

An output power of up to 8 dBm and the high sensitivity of the nRF52820 in combination with the LE coded PHY make the PAN1781 Series RF Module very attractive in applications where a long range is required. The PAN1781 Series RF Module also supports Bluetooth Mesh, Thread and Zigbee Mesh protocols.

In addition, the ultra-low current consumption of this Bluetooth module makes the Module an ideal choice for Battery powered devices. With the Cortex® M4 processor, 32kB RAM, and the built-in 256 kB flash memory, the PAN1781 Series RF Module can easily be used in standalone mode, thereby eliminating the need for an external processor, saving complexity, space and cost.  

A 128-bit AES/ECB/CCM/AAR co-processor may be used for on-the-fly packet encryption. So, the PAN1781 Series RF Module provides advanced Bluetooth security in a small package which is ideal in Wireless Connectivity applications where a long range is required such as smart home, industrial and many more.


The Nordic SDK is the best way to easily implement applications on the PAN1781 Series RF Module. In addition to the nRF5 SDK Nordic provides a SDK for Mesh and Thread & ZigBee.

General Features and Benefits for PAN1781

  • ARM® Cortex®-M4 (64MHZ) With 256 kB Flash Memory And 32 kB Internal RAM
  • 128-bit AES/ECB/CCM/AAR Co-Processor For On-The-Fly Packet Encryption
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Compliant (Long Range, 2Mbps PHY, Angle Of Arrival And Angle Of Departure Direction Finding)
  • Up To 16 General Purpose I/Os, Which Are Shared By Up To 2 SPI, 2 I²C, 1 UART, COMP, QDEC, nRESET
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Device Interface
  • Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Qualified Bluetooth Mesh Profile Stack
  • REACH And RoHS Compliant
  • Drop-In Replacement For PAN1026A Series and PAN1762 Series Panasonic RF Modules

PAN1781 Block Diagram

pan1781 block diagram


  • LE 2 Mbps high speed PHY, LE Long Range Coded PHY
  • LE Advertising Extensions (Advertising On 40 Channels Total)
  • Channel Selection Algorithm #2
  • LE Secure Connections
  • Angle Of Arrival (AoA) And Angle Of Departure (AoD) Direction Finding

Technical Characteristics

  • Surface Mount Type (SMT) 15.6 mm x 8.7 mm x 2.1 mm
  • Typical Max. Output Power: 8 dBm, Configurable From -20 dBm In 4dB Steps And -40dBm In Whisper Mode
  • Sensitivity: -95 dBm @ 1 Mb/s And -103 dBm @ 125 kb/s
  • Current Consumption: 4.9 mA In Tx (@ 0 dBm) And 4.7 mA In RX Mode
  • Voltage Range: 1.7 V To 5.5 V
  • Temperature Range: -40°C To 85°C

1x PAN1781 Series Evaluation Kit

PAN1781 Eval Kit Photo

For Quick Prototyping And Software Testing

The 1x PAN1781 Series Evaluation Kit is packed in a small case. The board has an Arduino Footprint and allows hardware access to the module pins as well as easy stacking of separate sensor test shields. The 1x PAN1781 Series Evaluation Kit enables quick prototyping and software testing.

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Part Number List

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Models table for series PAN1781 Series
Part No.DatasheetSize (mm) (mm)Used ICRx Sensitivity (dBm)Programmable Tx Power (Max.) Operating Temp.Current Consum.Frequency RangeDate Rate (Max. Air)
15.6 x 8.7 x 2
-95 @ 1Mb/s and -103 @ 125 Kb/s
8dBm Configurable From -20dBm in 4dB Steps
-40 to +85 °C
4.9mA @ 0dBm, 4.7mA in Rx Mode (Tx,Rx)
2.4 GHz
1Mb/s (gross)

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