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WHITE PAPER—The Quiet Spark Plugs Behind the IoT: Sensors

Access Panasonic’s latest white paper, The Quiet Spark Plugs Behind the IoT: Sensors.

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This paper covers the following topics:

  • Sensors Are Behind The Astonishing Growth Of IoT
  • They Enable Smart Homes, Smart Healthcare And Other Lesser-Known Markets
  • Details And Spec About The Sensor Component
  • Uses And Applications For Sensor Technology In The Future

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“Uncooled IR sensor technology has been improved with the development of more complex microelectronic systems (MEMS)-based pixel structure. By printing thin-film IR absorbers surrounded by free-standing thermal isolation structures, this MEMS-based technology is created. With this, it is possible to measure radiated power to remotely determine an object’s temperature. Semiconductor technology allows for the development of thermopile Sensors made up of hundreds of thermocouples over several square millimeters. These thermopile array Sensors provider faster response time, are reasonably priced, and are accurate and small. They are ideal for medical instruments, security systems, people counting, building automation and more.

On such sensor is an 8X8 thermopile array device. This 64-pixel IR sensor fits within a reflow-compatible surface mount (SMD) package consisting of a MEMS detector chip, an RF-shielded metal cover, a digital ASIC with an I2C interface, and a silicon lens through which the infrared energy passes.”

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